Bill Farner

Posted November 10, 2017

0.19.0 Released

The latest Apache Aurora release, 0.19.0, is now available for download. Here are some highlights in this release:

  • Added the ability to configure the executor’s stop timeout, which is the maximum amount of time the executor will wait during a graceful shutdown sequence before continuing the ‘Forceful Termination’ process (see here for details).
  • Added the ability to configure the wait period after calling the graceful shutdown endpoint and the shutdown endpoint using the graceful_shutdown_wait_secs and shutdown_wait_secs fields in HttpLifecycleConfig respectively. Previously, the executor would only wait 5 seconds between steps (adding up to a total of 10 seconds as there are 2 steps). The overall waiting period is bounded by the executor’s stop timeout, which can be configured using the executor’s stop_timeout_in_secs flag.
  • Added the thrift_method_interceptor_modules scheduler flag that lets cluster operators inject custom Thrift method interceptors.
  • Increase default ZooKeeper session timeout from 4 to 15 seconds.
  • Added option -zk_connection_timeout to control the connection timeout of ZooKeeper connections.
  • Added scheduler command line argument -hold_offers_forever, suitable for use in clusters where Aurora is the only framework. This setting disables other options such as -min_offer_hold_time, and allows the scheduler to more efficiently cache scheduling attempts.
  • The scheduler no longer uses an internal H2 database for storage.
  • There is a new Scheduler UI which, in addition to the facelift, provides the ability to inject your own custom UI components.

Deprecations and removals:

  • Removed the deprecated command line argument -zk_use_curator, removing the choice to use the legacy ZooKeeper client.
  • Removed the rewriteConfigs thrift API call in the scheduler. This was a last-ditch mechanism to modify scheduler state on the fly. It was considered extremely risky to use since its inception, and is safer to abandon due to its lack of use and likelihood for code rot.
  • Removed the Job environment validation from the command line client. Validation was moved to the the scheduler side through the allowed_job_environments option. By default allowing any of devel, test, production, and any value matching the regular expression staging[0-9]*.
  • Removed scheduler command line arguments related to the internal H2 database, which is no longer used:
    • -use_beta_db_task_store
    • -enable_db_metrics
    • -slow_query_log_threshold
    • -db_row_gc_interval
    • -db_lock_timeout
    • -db_max_active_connection_count
    • -db_max_idle_connection_count
    • -snapshot_hydrate_stores
    • -enable_h2_console

Full release notes are available in the release CHANGELOG.


Thanks to the 14 contributors who made Apache Aurora 0.19.0 possible:

  • Bill Farner
  • David McLaughlin
  • Derek Slager
  • Jordan Ly
  • Kai Huang
  • Keisuke Nishimoto
  • Mauricio Garavaglia
  • Renan DelValle
  • Reza Motamedi
  • Robert Allen
  • Ruben D. Porras
  • Santhosh Kumar Shanmugham
  • Stephan Erb
  • Zameer Manji