Maxim Khutornenko


Posted July 6, 2016

0.15.0 Released

The latest Apache Aurora release, 0.15.0, is now available for download. The main scope of this release is to catch up with Mesos release cadence. As such, no major development or deprecation changes were accepted. Here are some highlights in this release:

  • New scheduler commandline argument -enable_mesos_fetcher to allow job submissions to contain URIs which will be passed to the Mesos Fetcher and subsequently downloaded into the sandbox. Please note that enabling job submissions to download resources from arbitrary URIs may have security implications.
  • Upgraded Mesos to 0.28.2.

Full release notes are available in the release CHANGELOG.

Getting Involved

We encourage you to try out this release and let us know what you think. If you run into any issues, please let us know on the user mailing list and IRC.


Thanks to the 8 contributors who made Apache Aurora 0.15.0 possible:

  • Benjamin Staffin
  • John Sirois
  • Joshua Cohen
  • Martin Hrabovcin
  • Maxim Khutornenko
  • Mehrdad Nurolahzade
  • Renan DelValle
  • Stephan Erb