Bill Farner


Posted March 3, 2016

0.12.0 Released

The latest Apache Aurora release, 0.12.0, is now available for download. Here are some highlights in this release:

  • Upgraded Mesos to 0.25.0.
  • Upgraded the scheduler ZooKeeper client from 3.3.4 to 3.4.6.
  • Added support for configuring Mesos role by passing -mesos_role to Aurora scheduler at start time. This enables resource reservation for Aurora when running in a shared Mesos cluster.
  • Aurora task metadata is now mapped to Mesos task labels. Labels are prefixed with org.apache.aurora.metadata. to prevent clashes with other, external label sources.
  • Added new scheduler flag -default_docker_parameters to allow a cluster operator to specify a universal set of parameters that should be used for every container that does not have parameters explicitly configured at the job level.
  • Added support for jobs to specify arbitrary ZooKeeper paths for service registration. See here for details.
  • Log destination is configurable for the thermos runner. See the configuration reference for details on how to configure destination per-process. Command line options may also be passed through the scheduler in order to configure the global default behavior.
  • Env variables can be passed through to task processes by passing --preserve_env to thermos.
  • Changed scheduler logging to use logback. Operators wishing to customize logging may do so with standard logback configuration as described here
  • When using --read-json, aurora can now load multiple jobs from one json file, similar to the usual pystachio structure: {"jobs": [job1, job2, ...]}. The older single-job json format is also still supported.
  • aurora config list command now supports --read-json
  • Added scheduler command line argument -shiro_after_auth_filter. Optionally specify a class implementing javax.servlet.Filter that will be included in the Filter chain following the Shiro auth filters.
  • The addInstances thrift RPC does now increase job instance count (scale out) based on the task template pointed by instance key.

Deprecations and removals:

  • Deprecated AddInstancesConfig argument in addInstances thrift RPC.
  • Deprecated TaskQuery argument in killTasks thrift RPC to disallow killing tasks across multiple roles. The new safer approach is using JobKey with instances instead.
  • Removed the deprecated field ‘ConfigGroup.instanceIds’ from the API.
  • Removed the following deprecated HealthCheckConfig client-side configuration fields: endpoint, expected_response, expected_response_code. These are now set exclusively in like-named fields of HttpHealthChecker.
  • Removed the deprecated 'JobUpdateSettings.maxWaitToInstanceRunningMs’ thrift api field ( UpdateConfig.restart_threshold in client-side configuration). This aspect of job restarts is now controlled exclusively via the client with aurora job restart --restart-threshold=[seconds].
  • Deprecated executor flag --announcer-enable. Enabling the announcer previously required both flags --announcer-enable and --announcer-ensemble, but now only --announcer-ensemble must be set. --announcer-enable is a no-op flag now and will be removed in future version.
  • Removed scheduler command line arguments:
    • -enable_cors_support. Enabling CORS is now implicit by setting the argument -enable_cors_for.
    • -deduplicate_snapshots and -deflate_snapshots. These features are good to always enable.
    • -enable_job_updates and -enable_job_creation
    • -extra_modules
    • -logtostderr, -alsologtostderr, -vlog, -vmodule, and -use_glog_formatter. Removed in favor of the new logback configuration.

Full release notes are available in the release CHANGELOG.

Getting Involved

We encourage you to try out this release and let us know what you think. If you run into any issues, please let us know on the user mailing list and IRC. The community also holds weekly IRC meetings at 11AM Pacific every Monday that you are welcome to join.


Thanks to the 17 contributors who made Apache Aurora 0.12.0 possible:

  • Amol Deshmukh
  • Anant Vyas
  • Benjamin Staffin
  • Bill Farner
  • Dmitriy Shirchenko
  • George Sirois
  • John Sirois
  • Joshua Cohen
  • Kasisnu Singh
  • Kunal Thakar
  • Martin Hrabovcin
  • Mauricio Garavaglia
  • Maxim Khutornenko
  • Stephan Erb
  • Tony Dong
  • Zameer Manji
  • Zhitao Li