Bill Farner


Posted December 23, 2015

0.11.0 Released

The latest Apache Aurora release, 0.11.0, is now available for download. Here are some highlights in this release:


  • Added built-in support for log rotation of task stderr/stdout.
  • Added support for performing task health checks using a shell command.
  • Added support for accepting an executor configuration in JSON via scheduler command line argument --custom_executor_config which will override all other the command line arguments and default values pertaining to the executor.
  • Added a new scheduler flag --framework_announce_principal to support use of authorization and rate limiting in Mesos.
  • Upgraded Mesos to 0.24.1.

Deprecations and removals

  • The client-side updater has been removed, along with the CLI commands that used it: aurora job update and aurora job cancel-update. Users are encouraged to take advantage of scheduler-driven updates (see aurora update -h for usage), which has been a stable feature for several releases.
  • To support configuration of shell-based health checkers, the HealthCheckConfig schema has been restructured to more cleanly allow configuring varied types of health checkers. The following fields from HealthCheckConfig are now deprecated: endpoint, expected_response, expected_response_code in favor of setting them as part of an HttpHealthChecker.
  • In the scheduler API, the field JobUpdateSettings.maxWaitToInstanceRunningMs (UpdateConfig.restart_threshold in client-side configuration) is now deprecated. This setting was brittle in practice, and is ignored by the 0.11.0 scheduler.

Full release notes are available in the release CHANGELOG.

Getting Involved

We encourage you to try out this release and let us know what you think. If you run into any issues, please let us know on the user mailing list and IRC. The community also holds weekly IRC meetings at 11AM Pacific every Monday that you are welcome to join.


Thanks to the 13 contributors who made Apache Aurora 0.11.0 possible:

  • Bill Farner
  • Chris Bannister
  • Dmitriy Shirchenko
  • George Sirois
  • John Sirois
  • Joshua Cohen
  • Kevin Sweeney
  • Maxim Khutornenko
  • Paul Cavallaro
  • R.B. Boyer
  • Renan DelValle
  • Tengfei Mu
  • Zameer Manji