Dave Lester


Posted March 18, 2015

Upcoming Apache Aurora Meetups in NYC and the Bay Area

Meetups are opportunities to bring together members of an open source community to learn about the project, share best practices, and meet one another; naturally we’re excited to see a growing number of events featuring Apache Aurora, and we hope you’ll join us at a meetup near you!

There are two upcoming Apache Aurora meetups on our radar:

Apache Aurora Users Groups

Live in San Francisco or the surrounding Bay Area? Join the recently-established Bay Area Apache Aurora Users Group, which will be home to future Apache Aurora meetups, in addition to the existing Apache Mesos User Group.

If you’re interested in establishing an Apache Aurora Users Group in a city near you or you’re hosting an Apache Aurora talk, please let us know on the project mailing list (dev@aurora.apache.org) or IRC (#aurora on freenode.net) and we’ll help you promote your events.

Recent Meetup Videos

On February 19th, the Bay Area Apache Mesos User Group hosted a meetup on Apache Aurora, and videos from the two talks are now online. Check them out:

Using Apache Aurora + Docker to migrate to a microservice architecture by Steve Niemitz (TellApart)

Running Apache Aurora and Mesos at Twitter by Joe Smith (Twitter)

Hope to see you at a future meetup!